About the Biology of Functions
by Jean Bokelmann, M.D.

The Biology of Functions is a set of indexes that are derived from some pretty standard blood work. Different components of the standard blood work are related to other components through a variety of mathematical formulas to come up with a large number of indexes.  Unlike regular blood work that only tells us what is in your bloodstream at the time the blood was drawn, the indexes give us an idea of what is going on inside your body at the tissular, cellular and metabolic levels when you are at rest and when you are active.  Examples of these indexes include free radical index, adrenal index, cortisol index, prolactin index, carcinogenesis index, amyloid index, insulin resistance index, thrombotic index, etc.

When Should I Get a Biology of Functions test?

  1. Mysterious Health Issues: Have you experienced health symptoms that have not been diagnosable through conventional medical means? Some common conditions that are often unsolved puzzles in conventional medicine include diffuse muscle pains, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, chronic fatigue, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, premenstrual complaints, headaches, joint pains, infertility, memory disturbance, chronic sinus conditions, digestive problems, and lack of sex drive. These conditions can be caused by a variety of underlying imbalances that cannot be identified through conventional blood tests.
  2. Cancer or pre-cancer: A  number of physiological imbalances create a fertile ground for cancer growth. A Biology of Functions can give you an indication of imbalances that should be addressed to support your body’s ability to clear cancerous cells.
  3. Prevention: If you have a family history of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, or cardiovascular disease, a Biology of Functions can give you an idea of your predisposition to these problems and can help target imbalances that can be corrected to reduce your risk of developing these diseases.
  4. Known Medical Condition: If you have been diagnosed with a common medical condition such as hypertension or diabetes and would prefer to get to the underlying root of the problem instead of simply counteracting your body’s misbehavior with drugs, the biology of functions can direct you to the underlying cause so that your therapeutic treatment can be directed more specifically.
  5. General Wellness: If you are feeling well and want to stay that way throughout a long and happy life, the Biology of Functions will help identify minor imbalances before they express themselves through symptoms or disease.  These minor imbalances can usually be corrected with lifestyle and dietary changes, with support from nutritional supplements and herbs when appropriate.

Does Insurance Pay for the Biology of Functions?
Usually the Biology of Functions is paid out of pocket. This is because the test is considered “alternative”. Insurance may cover the conventional lab tests that the Biology of Functions is based on, but often patients are left paying more by running it through insurance than paying the cash price for the testing.  The cash price for the test is $300.00 when ordered in conjuction with a face-to-face clinic visit, or $350.00 for a remote evaluation.

Please let EIMC know if you would like to obtain a Biology of Functions and it can be ordered through your Endobiogenic practitioner.  Call 208-478-8400

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